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High performance biometrics at affordable cost

RealBio terminal is a high-performance face & fingerprint identification terminal designed to suit both operational and aesthetic requirements. Its Easy wall mount design is elegant and offers robust identification, verification for access control and time & attendance requirements across businesses.

Our Products

The knowledge and input of our clients is integral to our product design and development process. Every project we undertake draws upon the experience and expertise of our clients to ensure we have a depth and breadth of understanding from the start; a platform from which our innovative thinking can evolve. Information is gathered through brainstorming, focus groups, market research, evaluation, creative concepts and experimentation to provide us with insight into the product and market area and the needs of the consumer.

Biometric Time Attendance

Biometric Access Controllers

Entrance Control

Automatic Boom Barriers

Smart Locks

Software Solution

Our Services

Specialized support and management are key to the accomplishment of any project for a Product Development Company. We know the procedure and what to put emphasis on in order to get your invention developed proficiently and as you projected it. RealBio distinguishes what drawbacks to watch out for and how to resolve growth problems if they rise. You can relax and center on the more demanding matters of your business because of our tested and proven Quality Control staff. RealBio�s services guarantee that your products match your quality standards.

Hardware design & Prototyping

RealBio provides a wide range of PCB Design Services, including schematic capture, PCB layout engineering, Design for Testability, and Design for Manufacturing or in simple words Prototyping. We follow a standard quality assurance system, which allows us to guarantee that the final layout will exactly reproduce the schematic and hence customer�s needs. Our highly experienced engineers in the field of PCB Design ensure that the placement of parts meets circuit and mechanical design needs are fulfilled. Because we also provide manufacturing and prototyping services, we ensure that the client�s PCB design meets quality standards for Assembly and Testing. Moreover, when a PCB design as a part of project starts, we have a tradition of sending the PCB Layers on site for the critical design stages and verifications. That way,In this manner our design extends to be the choice of customer�s design co-operating closely with their electronic designers, mechanical designers, project leaders, software/firmware designers etc.

Embedded Firmware Development

Embedded software is computer software, written to control machines or devices. It is typically specialized for the particular hardware that it runs on. At RealBio we offer services in design, implementation and verification & validation of embedded systems across multiple domains and technologies. RealBio�s Embedded Systems & Software Lab acts as an incubator for new projects and technologies. Our electronics & embedded systems engineers have the right blend of domain and technical expertise to service customer projects. The Lab ensures that we keep ourselves technology ready through capability building projects on relevant business problems, and through internal and specialized third party training programs. Our well equipped lab enables us to replicate customer development environment and test set-ups and to build prototypes for our customers.

Product Engineering

RealBio is product Development Company. All the products are Manufactured In India. We have mould making unit (Chennai) PCB unit(Pune),Assembling (Bangalore),Testing and Firmware Department. We provide product with high with best price than market. We do detail analysis for every new project, to make sure the project will be finished according to customer quality requirement in time. And our mould analysts early predict the possible problem and prepare precautions accordingly, so mould production time and cost can be saved for customer. We have own R&D team, design team and analysis team. We can R&D own product, design drawings for customers and analysis project value. We provide plastic & metal parts and assembly with a broad range of service from design, molding, stamping, rapid prototype, precision maching, assembly, and final package. The products are customized according to the customer requirement in time with better quality.

Software & Web Development

RealBio offers programming services to our clients. Our services include business software analyses, graphical user interfaces, prototype development and database optimization. We offer a dedicated balanced team with considerable project experience for our client�s software needs. This team can increase or shrink as per client requirements. A dedicated team brings with it technologies, tools, processes and methodologies that are unique to each client. Our quality assurance team maintains the highest quality standards and insists on tough quality control procedures. We provide you with technical support and development and provide you the most suitable systems integration solutions at the price most suited to you. We facilitate enterprise-wide application integration and manage IT implementation to deliver a risk-optimized and cost-efficient IT environment.

About Us

We are a one stop shop for all your product development needs from initial product evaluation to final manufactured product in the box. We believe successful products aren't defined by technological feats, but rooted in a holistic perspective of the development process that is centered on the needs of the end-user. The problems RealBio Design addresses are real; they're tangible; and they're solvable. We address them with a four-phased approach that includes:

  • ensuring the right needs are addressed,
  • a product is designed with the end-user in mind,
  • a strategy for implementation is defined,
  • the impact the product has on a community is measurable
The net benefit of our activities is nothing less than a fundamental improvement in the lives of those who need it most.

Our Vision

To research, develop and manufacture human-centered intelligent systems and solutions.

Our Core Values

We are a network of leaders - We look to hire individuals with leadership potential, integrity, a sharp analytical mind, creativity, and the ability to work with people at all levels in an organization.

We develop unparalleled management insights - Working with our clients on their most challenging issues requires deep industry and functional expertise. We invest significant time and effort in developing and renewing a knowledge base that offers unique perspectives and insights to our clients.

We are committed to social impact and sustainability - We use the intellectual, financial and convening power of our firm to help address some of the world's most pressing problems.

Our Quality Policy

The quality policy of our company is based on quality of the product, customer satisfaction, follow-up of the technology, training and team spirit, continuous improvement and development, ethics, and environmental awareness. Our company applies these principals of quality to all the works of production and service on a continuous basis.

THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCTS: Having products conforming to the domestic and world standards is adopted as a principal by all of our employees working in all the units of the company. We are conscious that we are part of a quality chain which influences the human and animal health.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We take every step with the thought in mind that we will not have a continuous relationship with customers whom we will not be able to satisfy with the quality of our products, and the needs of whom we will not be able to meet. Therefore, we take our steps very carefully.

FOLLOW-UP OF TECHNOLOGY: In order that our products and services are able to continue existing according to the world standards, we follow up each and every improvement and development in the technology of our sector, and adapt them successfully.

TRAINING AND TEAM SPIRIT: Team mentality and training increase the synergy among the units of the company and members of our personnel in the company at every level because we give particular importance to them.

CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT: With the consciousness that stagnancy in development has the same meaning as retrogression, we continue with our development by renewing our corporate structure and adapt our understanding of service and production targets to the changing conditions and technology.

ETHICS AND ENVIRONMENT: We intend to protect ethical values in production, management and marketing works and continue all of our activities by paying attention to environmental awareness.

As indicated in our Internal Communication Department, our quality policy is announced to our employees and we have the employees understand its importance. In the meetings which are carried out and held in accordance with the Reviewing Procedure of the Management of the company they are evaluated by the top management at certain intervals and updated whenever necessary.

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